[FD] DefenseCode ThunderScan SAST Advisory: WordPress Simple Slideshow Manager Plugin Multiple Security Vulnerabilities

DefenseCode ThunderScan SAST Advisory WordPress Simple Slideshow Manager Plugin Multiple Security Vulnerabilities Advisory ID: DC-2017-02-016 Advisory Title: WordPress Simple Slideshow Manager Plugin Multiple Vulnerabilities Advisory URL: http://ift.tt/2rhPqdW Software: WordPress Simple Slideshow Manager Plugin Language: PHP Version: 2.2 and below Vendor Status: Vendor contacted, update released Release Date: 2017/05/29 Risk: Medium 1. General Overview =================== During the security audit of Simple Slideshow Manager plugin for WordPress CMS, multiple vulnerabilities were discovered using DefenseCode ThunderScan application source code security analysis platform. More information about ThunderScan is available at URL: http://ift.tt/Vn2J4r 2. Software Overview ==================== According to the plugin developers, Simple Slideshow Manager is “The easy and best slideshow manager plugin where you can create any number of slideshow. Can have any number of video or image slides, Enjoy displaying slideshow using widgets, shortcodes or php codes.” It has more than 9,000 active installs according to wordpress.org. Homepage: http://ift.tt/2rh3fGN http://ift.tt/2qwX8kt 3. Vulnerability Description ================================== During the security analysis, ThunderScan discovered Cross-Site Scripting vulnerabilities in Simple Slideshow Manager WordPress plugin. The Cross-Site Scripting vulnerabilities can enable the attacker to construct the URL that contains malicious JavaScript code. If the administrator of the site makes a request to such an URL, the attacker’s code will be executed, with unrestricted access to the WordPress site in question. The attacker can entice the administrator to visit the URL in various ways, including sending the URL by email, posting it as a part of the comment on the vulnerable site or another forum. In the specific case of the second Cross-Site scripting vulnerability (3.2), some modern browsers URL encode the < and > characters. The easiest way to reproduce the vulnerability is to use Internet Explorer, or older version of some other browser. 3.1. Cross-Site Scripting Function: echo Variable: $_GET[‘name’] Sample URL: http://ift.tt/2rECtuU”&gt;
File: simple-slideshow-manager\includes\option_fields.php

Source: Gmail -> IFTTT-> Blogger

from Blogger http://ift.tt/2rycbcX


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