[FD] OffensiveCon Berlin 2018 Call for Papers

======================================== OffensiveCon Berlin 2018 Call for Papers ======================================== [OVERVIEW] We are pleased to announce the CFP for the first edition of OffensiveCon Berlin which is a highly technical international security conference focused on offensive security only. The aim of OffensiveCon is to bring the community of hackers together, for networking and sharing knowledge. The conference is constructed as a single track of talks for two full days as well as technical trainings held in the days before the conference. [WHEN] February 16-17, 2018 [WHERE] Berlin, Germany [TOPICS OF INTEREST] We are seeking for presentations on offensive security topics such as but not limited to: 1. Vulnerability discovery 2. Advanced exploitation techniques 3. Mitigation bypass techniques on main operating systems and/or major software products 4. Hardware reverse engineering 5. Software reverse engineering 6. Protocol reverse engineering 7. Novel vulnerability research on mobile platforms 8. Novel vulnerability research on hypervisors 9. Malware reverse engineering 10. Cryptographic attacks [SPEAKER BENEFITS] The goal of OffensiveCon is not to make profit but rather to provide the right environment for the scene to meet, exchange ideas and have a good time. This is also reflected in the speaker benefits we offer: 1. A trip to the capital of Germany in February without the need to fear tropical climate 😉 2. Three nights of accommodation in the conference hotel (Hilton Berlin). The hotel is a 5 star hotel in one of the best locations in Berlin. 3. Round trip coach airfare of up to 2,000.00 EUR 4. Speaker honorarium of 1,000.00 EUR for exclusive content not presented anywhere else before 5. Constant whiskey supply to speakers and mobile beer stations for all attendees. 6. Invite to the private pre-conference speaker dinner taking place February 15th [CFP SUBMISSION] Talks will be 60 or 30 minutes including questions. The language of presentation will be English. All submissions must be send in plain text format to cfp@offensivecon.org. Submissions will be accepted until 1st December 2017, 18:00 UTC. However, presentations will be reviewed on a first come, first served basis and speakers will be selected in two rounds. Make sure to get in your submission early to increase your chance of being selected. Please include the following information in your submission: 1. Personal data 1.1 Speaker name(s) and/or handle 1.2 Address 1.3 Contact email address 1.4 Employer and/or affiliation 1.5 Brief biography 1.6 Presentation experience 1.7 Links to videos or slides of previous presentations 2. Presentation data 2.1 Title of presentation 2.2 Abstract of the presentation 2.3 Planned structure of your talk 2.4 Supporting material if available (whitepaper, slides, code, etc.) 2.5 Are you planning to show a demo? 2.6 Length of presentation (60 or 30 minutes including questions) 2.7 Will the material be presented/published somewhere else before? If yes, where? 2.8 What is novel about your presented work? 2.9 Three reasons why we should consider your presentation [IMPORTANT DATES] All talks must be submitted before 1st December 2017, 18:00 UTC. First round of talks will be selected and announced in the week of 13th of November 2017. Second and last round of talks will be announced in the week of 18th of December 2017. [FURTHER INFORMATION] Further details about the conference program, trainings, the venue and registration can be found at: http://ift.tt/2rUZaqs For regular announcements and updates follow us on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/offensive_con

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