[FD] CVE request: Multiple vulnerabilities in Cisco DDR2200 Series

*Copyright and Disclaimer* The information in this advisory is Copyright 2017 Conviso and provided so that the society can understand the risk they may be facing by running affected software, hardware or other components used on their systems. In case you wish to copy information from this advisory, you must either copy all of it or refer to this document (including our URL). No guarantee is provided for the accuracy of this information, or damage you may cause your systems in testing. *About Conviso* Conviso is a consulting company specialized on application security. Our values are based on the allocation of the adequate competencies on the field, a clear and direct speech with the market, collaboration and partnership with our customers and business partners and constant investments on methodology and research improvement. This advisory has been discovered as part of a general investigation into the security of software used in the IT environments of our customers. For more information about our company and services provided, please check our website at http://www.conviso.com.br. *The Security Research* Conviso maintains a virtual team dedicated to explore our customer’s environments in order to identify technical vulnerabilities in software and hardware, developing real-world mitigation solutions and processes to maintain more secure environments. This team is named Conviso Labs and also contribute to important world-class projects and organizations. The vulnerability described in this security advisory was discovered by Matheus Bernardes on July 15th 2017 during an internal security research. *Security Advisory* The page used to download the configuration file is vulnerable to path traversal, that allows an attacker to download any system file. *Issue Description* Some of Cisco DDR2200 router series, show some vulnerabilities as, authentication bypass, Remote code execution and path traversal As a result, an attacker can gain access to the router configuration, access to internal files and a limited command execution. *Shodan Dork* http.title:”Cisco DDR2201v1 ADSL2+ Residential Gateway” http.title:”Cisco DDR2200 ADSL2+ Residential Gateway” *Affected Components* *Device*: Cisco DDR2201v1 ADSL2+ Residential Gateway *Software Version*: DDR2201v1-NA-AnnexA-FCC-V00. Path Traversal    Bypass Authentication Remote code execution (RCE) *Device*: Cisco DDR2200 ADSL2+ Residential Gateway *Software Version*: DDR2200B-NA-AnnexA-FCC-V00. Remote code execution (RCE) Path Traversal    *Vulnerabilities details* Bypass Authentication Some pages don’t need the user to be authenticated to gain access http://ift.tt/2upIcWP http://ift.tt/2uYuuXY http://ift.tt/2upDuse http://ift.tt/2uYJ2H2 http://ift.tt/2upZEdD http://ift.tt/2uYgehK http://ift.tt/2upyNyj http://ift.tt/2uYqJSs http://ift.tt/2upIywF http://ift.tt/2uYJ41C http://ift.tt/2upzVCa http://ift.tt/2uY74C3 http://ift.tt/2upoD0L http://ift.tt/2uYKGbx http://ift.tt/2upKHrW http://ift.tt/2uXZGqn http://ift.tt/2upBMGZ http://ift.tt/2uYxhjF http://ift.tt/2upMmOq http://ift.tt/2uYiYeY http://ift.tt/2upF5hu http://ift.tt/2uY5sbn http://ift.tt/2upkwBK http://ift.tt/2uYuveu http://ift.tt/2upKOnC http://ift.tt/2uYJ2Xy http://ift.tt/2upzWGe http://ift.tt/2uYlrpP http://ift.tt/2upDuIK *Path Traversal* The page used to download the configuration file, is vulnerable to path traversal, that allow an attacker to download any system file. http://ift.tt/2uYgeyg *Remote code execution (RCE)* *Description* The ping function allows arbitrary code execution. Just add a ; and then the full path of a binary: http://ift.tt/2upvTtH After the previous request finish, just access the follow page to see the output http://ift.tt/2upDuIK

Source: Gmail -> IFTTT-> Blogger

from Blogger http://ift.tt/2uYALmv


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